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Dr. Kevin Plancher Patients shouldnt have to endure severe pain at any time after surgery, and doctors should make sure of that. But the vast majority of the time, keeping patients comfortable after shoulder surgery is doable without resorting to addictive opioid drugs. Greenwich, CT & New York, NY (PRWEB) December 01, 2016 With a worsening opioid addiction epidemic in the United States, patients undergoing shoulder surgery should understand what to expect regarding post-operative pain and pain relief options, says orthopaedic surgeon Kevin D. Plancher, MD , founder of Plancher Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. Surgery can involve experiencing some pain, but recent advances in surgical techniques often requiring only tiny incisions with little disruption to bones, muscles and other tissues offer patients the benefit of less post-operative pain than ever, Dr. Plancher says. Because of this, less-dangerous pain relievers work extremely well at alleviating any discomfort related to shoulder surgery. Opioids can and should be avoided whenever possible, says Dr. Plancher. siteCategorized as narcotics, opioids are effective at relieving pain.

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We.ffer.rthopaedic care at these locations. Nicolas Andre, a French professor at the University of Paris coined the term in the first textbook written on the subject in 1741. Make sure you also write down the answers your doctor gives you for future reference. Also see -ics . For most orthopaedic diseases and injuries there is more than one form of treatment. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed . Exercise is often difficult and painful for people suffering with bone and joint problems, for example. Masai Watanabe of Japan to perform minimally invasive cartilage surgery and reconstructions of torn ligaments. He is also responsible for numerous other medical innovations that all carry his name: ‘Thomas’s collar’ to treat tuberculosis of the cervical spine, ‘Thomas’s manoeuvre’, an orthopaedic investigation for fracture of the hip joint, Thomas test, a method of detecting hip deformity by having the patient lying flat in bed, ‘Thomas’s wrench’ for reducing fractures, as well as an osteoclast to break and reset bones.

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