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selection process

Try to put yourself in the applicant’s place. … Qualifications are only one consideration. Candidate evaluations should be sure to include only those comments which are relevant to the requirements of the position. These include, but are not limited to, contacting referees prior to assessment, making an assessment based on application and referee input alone, conducting interviews, examining work samples and conducting performance tests which could be both written or practical. A good technique to learn about an applicant’s problems solving skills and judgement is to ask “situation-problem” questions. Anyone meets the minimum qualifications of the position advertised is welcome to apply. Directive questions are useful for drawing out specific information. If the short list is deemed to represent a sufficiently diverse applicant pool, the short list will be approved. Use a variety of approaches to get different kinds of information, tailoring questions to open up a topic for conversation or to confirm information. Click here to view the regions that are currently taking nominations.

Prior plausibility can also be thought of as an extension of the concept of Occams Razor (the razor being a way to shave away unnecessary assumptions). William of Occam, (1287 1347), a Franciscan monk, philosopher and logician described this process many times in his writings and the usual colloquial expression is, Given several explanations (hypotheses) of a process or event, the one with the fewest assumptions is usually worthy of further investigation. This scientific standard results in a drive toward simplicity in explaining scientific concepts. So what happens if you dont use the scientific standard of prior plausibility and the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions? What happens is that, with any process involving human beings, false positive, placebo effects are reliably generated. read hereEven carefully structured scientific research studies will give the erroneous impression that a process exists even when it is pure fantasy. Heres how this corruption of the scientific method works: If plain water is given to test subjects with claims/deceptions that the water has magical energy in it or is special, smart, real or homeopathic and will heal what ails you, balance your energy, improve mental acuity and provide immune system support, etc, a percentage of the test subjects (about 30%) will report temporary improvement depending upon the extent of the magical energy narrative/deception told to them and the theatrics of the process of administrating the water. These false positive placebo results would then lead one to believe that plain water has all these magical benefits and that this magical energy actually exists in the magical water. But the energy doesnt exist: its just plain water. The invisible energy has been assumed to exist because of the placebo results made up in the mind of the test subjects. More and more faulty research can be accumulated in this manner, building a large body of false positive evidence which will then be used to claim that the effect or energy exists and that the process is valid. Prior plausibility demands that research proves the existence of an effect before attempting to measure the results of that effect or all the research will end up measuring are placebo results. Since placebos dont do anything (tiny bits of sugar, water, Reiki hand waving, needles, burning plants, magical oils, pills and potions, etc, dont do anything) all you measure is reports of improvement, made up in the mind of the subject who has been misinformed, intentionally or unintentionally, into thinking that the specific placebo theatrics produce a real world effect. They dont. This faulty research process, which is used to claim the existence of all cultural, belief based placebos like therapeutic touch, acupuncture, reiki, homeopathy, etc, is cleverly called Tooth Fairy Science by Harriet Hall, M.D. ( ). Dr. Hall states that anyone could convince themselves that the Tooth Fairy is real if all we did was measure Tooth Fairy effects (how much money, what denominations, how frequent, etc)before determining whether or not the Tooth Fairy actually exists. What the Therapeutic Touch people, and all the other practitioners of Vitalism (energy medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, chi, yin, yang, chakras, etc), have done is to skip this important first step in establishing scientific evidence: they have failed to prove that this vital energy/force exists. Instead, they all claim the ubiquitous placebo effect as particular and proprietary to their brand of placebo theatrics. It is not. The placebo effect is generated in the mind of the patient during any therapeutic interaction. By not understanding how research works, placebo practitioners have fooled themselves and their patients. It is necessary to establish the existence of a process using basic, well-established scientific concepts before attempting to measure the effects of that process, otherwise false positive results will always corrupt the research investigation. These unscientific and misinformed health practitioners (including some M.D.s and medical centers who endorse these practices) dont seem to understand how scientific methodology and research can be corrupted by skipping this critical first step in the scientific examination of evidence.

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