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Kaine will continue to educate himself on what Hyde means to the most vulnerable women in this country and join us in fighting this injustice,” the statement said. On Sunday the group tamped down its criticism, and tweeted it is now “glad” Kaine will stand with Clinton to “end Hyde,” exhibiting a more optimistic outlook on Kaine supporting Clinton regardless of his personal views. We’re glad @TimKaine will stand w/ @HillaryClinton to end Hyde. We must keep educating leaders on how it affects the most vulnerable women. NARAL (@NARAL) July 31, 2016 On Trump Tapper asked Kaine if he agreed with former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s suggestion in his speech at the Democratic convention that Trump is not sane. “I don’t know anything about his sanity. I haven’t met him,” Kaine said. But he did express confusion at some of Trump’s statements and tactics, especially a recent episode in which Trump confused Kaine with a former Republican governor of New Jersey, Tom Kean. “Tom Kean was governor of New Jersey and he finished his term 26 years ago,” Kaine said. “I’ve got to scratch my head about that guy every day.” Kaine, a former Virginia governor, also criticized Trump’s seeming invitation last week for Russia to hack into US servers and find Clinton’s missing emails — a comment Trump later said was “sarcastic.” “I don’t think cyber security is a big joking matter,” Kaine told Tapper. “The guy’s got a bizarre sense of humor.” Unifying the Democratic party Kaine said that, “sure, there is” work to be done to unify the Democratic party.

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“Communities coming together is the solution. We are as concerned as Donald Trump is about the safety of this country. We are a testament to the goodness of this country,” he said. “We need a leader that will unite us, not disrespect, not by derogatory remarks. I feel bad about the discourse that this campaign, this election campaign has taken.” Khan continued, saying that while there are policy steps to improve security, “let’s make those policies and implement them. But let’s not create, strengthen the hands of enemies by these remarks, by these statements. Believe me, these statements strengthen their recruitment process.” Khan also said that he’s received an outpouring of support in response to the controversy, highlighting his “email box full of messages from prominent Republicans” who have criticized Trump for his remarks. “The amount of recognition, the amount of love, support, care — street corners, any place we go to — people come up and say, you have spoken what we wanted to say,” Khan said. “I am amazed at the love and care that we have received.” The family also insisted that they did not seek out the confrontation with Trump, describing themselves as “private people” and saying “we want to be out of this controversy.” “We don’t want to continue.browse around this website

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